The Institute of Hair Design was born out of a desire to produce industry professionals with the diverse skillset needed to create a top-notch salon experience for the citizens of the Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas.  Since 2009, entrepreneur Ebon Flagg has been running a successful salon. As the business grew it became a challenge to find talented barbers and cosmetologists. He knew he needed employees who could design hair while providing an enjoyable customer experience. Refusing to compromise on quality, he opened a school that would marry technical skill with business acumen. You will study directly under Ebon Flagg at The Institute for Hair Design where you can trust that the name means quality education.

It is not enough to know the technical trade if you cannot attract and maintain customers. That is why, from the very beginning, our focus has been on teaching our students how to be successful in the beauty industry, and not just on how to pass the state tests. While attending the Institute, you will develop the fundamental skills and the ability to market your brand and build your business.